hello there!

it’s me, Andrea [Dre] Howard.

recently, I was asked a question…

“what do you think of life right now?”

…and I thought it would be the perfect way to give a little info about me and where I am at in this season of life.

“ i feel like its transitional. Like you can be feeling soo one way but as you get older and life goes on your views morph and change and you become even more you. I feel like I’ve been learning more about me. I feel like I’m more proud to be me than ever….I feel unboxed. Or like I’m being unboxed. I feel like I’m becoming brave. Or bold. Like I’m going to soon start allowing myself a voice that I’ve quieted”

does that resonate with you? The feeling of allowing yourself to be y o u? I am more me right now than ever before.

and I am excited that you have stopped by to get to know me a little better! I hope that reading my blog will leave feeling encouraged and refreshed to know that we are all simply humans whose lives are being unraveled.

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