motherhood, my way.

i did things my way, and I’m so glad I did.

i am talking about motherhood.

my way wasn’t the easiest but it made these moments that i get to enjoy now so much sweeter.

just at the beginning of the year I couldn’t imagine the life I’m living now.

i feel like such a badass mama.

so this post is really just a pat on the back for myself.

transitioning into single motherhood isn’t something I ever expected to do.

and I can’t lie, it’s difficult at times.

but I’m doing it every single day and killing it might I add.

[let me take a quick moment to say, thank God for my team. My mom and sister have helped me tremendously and I can’t thank them enough for their support this year.]

anyone whose had a conversation with me about motherhood knows that I breastfed my daughter…for a minute. To make that easier, we co-slept. And it was all fine and sweet and dandy until toddlerhood + being touched out + never having time alone. And I couldn’t see the end of it while I was deep in the trenches. I started slowly weaning Maddie in the beginning of the year, and in June, after 26 months and 5 days of nursing, she just stopped on her own and never looked back! I knew this was the perfect moment for us to each gain our independence. So I made her a “big girl room” and transitioned her out of my room and life just hasn’t been the same.

if you know me, you also know that I’m the girl with the schedule, the lists, the planner. So after a hard [not so much] day of work, I pick her up from school, we get home around 5:45pm, sometimes she asks to cuddle [guys, I know, I have the sweetest kid] so we will lay on the couch until 6pm, I start making dinner [30 minute or less meals] while she plays and/ or watches cartoons, although recently her new thing is that she “wants to help” me cook. by 6:30 we are eating, and at 7pm we are heading upstairs for her bath [during which time, I iron our clothes for the next day], 7:25 we are brushing teeth, and if all else falls in line she’s face-timing her dad at 7:30 to say good night and then we read her bedtime story and she goes right to sleep.

of course, this doesn’t always go as planned. I always give 30 minutes stretch room. So my goal is always to have her in bed by 8pm. but this little schedule has given me my freedom + sanity back and I’m just in such a good place right now as far as motherhood goes.

so to all the moms reading this, don’t let people tell you how things are “supposed” to be. I don’t regret my sleepless co-sleeping nights one bit. Because those moments are sooo short-lived in comparison to the rest of her life and now she doesn’t need me at night which is both beautiful and sad. I’m so glad I didn’t rush her though, and that I didn’t let people’s judgement change my parenting decisions.
do whatever works for you, mamas!
everything will work out just fine!


Dre Laurin.

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