on becoming

in January I declared that my word for 2019 is “be.”

and that’s exactly what I did.

i allowed myself the freedom to just be who I truly am.

no trying to fit in any boxes or be who people expect of me.

i learned a ton about myself.

recognized some repeated behaviors + patterns.

got hurt a few times [physically by way of accidents and bad timing + emotionally] but gained experiences that I’d never had before.

i didn’t commit myself to anything new or get involved in anything.

i literally embodied what it means to just “be.”

and as I was readying myself for bed I felt in my spirit that my word for 2020 is “become.”

i feel like it will be such a transformational year.

the start of a new decade and one that will take me out of my 20’s and carry me into my 30’s.

it is also the year of my [and my peers] Saturn return, which is known to bring about a lot of destruction + chaos.

but as I’ve already experienced the breaking down of everything I thought I knew, I am claiming that it will bring new beginnings + deep self-understanding for me.

it will also be a year of gaining a clearer vision for my future.

as you reflect over the last couple of months of this year, ask yourself, “what do I want my life to look like?” Really get a clear vision of it in your mind. And as you do this, don’t allow any disappointment or comparison to slip in your mind regarding your reality, because it’s beautiful too, I promise! But to move forward you must know what you want to walk towards. Once it’s clear to you, believe that it’s yours. Align your way of life with that vision + watch it come to be.

watch yourself “become.”

peace guys ✌🏾

dre laurin.

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