all the feels

why do we glorify the inability to feel?

or, the ability to suppress feelings rather.

everyone wants to be able to say that the hurtful situation they’ve gone through didn’t affect them.

but I will be the first to say that I feel all of the things.


i was journaling this morning about how I am sick of being so nice.

always putting myself out there for people only to get crap back.

feeling like damn, I should be coldhearted like some of the people I have encountered.

like, I have literally had people lie to me, waste my time, just straight up stop talking to me out of nowhere, and while I am always like, “forget them, they don’t even deserve to have me in their life,” there’s still the fragile side of me that’s like ouch…that really hurt my feelings.

and society says that I shouldn’t acknowledge that…

but I have to and you should.


our ability to feel is what makes us human.

so find healthy ways to process your emotions.

allowing yourself to experience your emotions does not equate to giving those feelings power over you.

remember that you control how you feel, not the other way around.


navigating through friendships and meeting new people as an adult is tough [nobody prepared us for this].

just try to keep in mind that you can never control how someone treats you but you can control how you treat them.

so although I want to dish out what people give me, I will continue to be a good person by being honest, valuing people’s time [because mine is very important to me], and just living by the basic principle of “treat others’ how you want to be treated.”

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