my type of love

it’s full, it runneth over

it’s deep, knowing no end, going on and on

it’s safe, like arms holding me tight

it’s refreshing, like a sip of something cool and sweet on a warm day

it’s vast, like the expanse of the sky

it’s high, and lifts me up

it’s necessary, like the next breath

it’s laughter, the kind that makes your stomach hurt

it’s sweet, like forehead kisses

it’s passionate, like hands around throat

it’s innocent, like everything is new

it’s brown, like melanin on melanin and nothing in-between

it’s comforting, like a warm blanket and good movie

it’s reassuring, never leaving time for second guessing

it’s proud, like everyone should know

it’s honest, no matter what

it’s knowing, without saying

it’s showing, without asking

it’s believing, without seeing [see also- its faith]

it’s caring, for self and others

it’s silly, like life is easy

it’s romantic, like paying attention to details

it’s intimate, like standing completely naked in my truth

it’s inevitable, because I deserve it all.

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