on living with no regrets

i am sometimes tempted to regret.

this is actually my second time writing this blog with that sentence as the starting line.

the first time I couldn’t find the words to make this inspirational.

it was more like a rant…

on how I love too hard

and trust too quickly

and often end up disappointed.

but I didn’t want this to be about that at all.

i wanted to write about how in those moments that I am tempted to regret, I remember the lesson that I’ve learned.

i’m not going to be all deep and say that everything we go through was to teach us a lesson though.

some of it was just flat out bad decision-making.

but I do believe that most of the experiences that leave us feeling empty have allowed us to gain something.

whether it’s perspective, or certainty, or sometimes just the freedom of getting through it and surviving.

life tends to be like that.

teaching us along the way.

picking up the gems and tossing the stones.

our power lies in our ability to overcome feelings of regret and more importantly the shame that’s usually attached to it.

yes- the situation did happen, it did suck, but that has nothing to do with who we are as people.

and that’s what regret and shame like to tell us.

that we were in our situations because we are worthless or we deserved it.

that we are less than because of what we’ve experienced or even allowed.

that is the noise that we must learn to drown out.

i wish I could say that the temptation to regret will go away, but it probably won’t. And that’s why every day we must choose.

choose our freedom and hope and joy.

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