beautiful destinations

i cried on Mother’s Day.

i wasn’t particularly sad.

i laid in bed, my daughter already sound asleep.

and I began to reflect over my day as I typically do.

then I suddenly became overwhelmed with thoughts of how much I love the people in my life.

the ones that have remained over the years.

my family- the one I was born with and the one I’ve chosen.

i thought about those I’ve lost…many..

i thought about life and how it surprises, shocks even.

how His plan is better than our own.

and how after the bitter comes the sweet.

how my daughter is amazing, so amazing.

how a colorful sunset makes me so happy, God painted me the sky.

i thought about how dancing makes me come alive and how I’ll always do it, any and everywhere.

how resilient we are. Women.

how one day someone will change my mind, blow it even.

i thought about the good + the bad and how they often come cannot be separated in our memories.

with good comes bad, and vice versa.

and we must learn to accept both with impartiality.

because none of us our too good to experience the bad or too bad to enjoy the good.

we are all human.

and feel.

and need.

and want.

and love.

and so, on Mother’s Day I cried thinking of this beautiful life.

if you are reading this you get to live it too.

get to wind down it’s spiraling roads.

journeying on to unknown but undoubtedly beautiful destinations.

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