about words

i love words.

i always have.

i can remember reading the dictionary when I was a kid, just because.

even now, I look up at least one word a day.

but this isn’t about me.

this is about how words have power over us all.

i can remember so many crappy things people said to me, how those words made me feel.

and I can remember times that I used my words to cut people deep and how that makes me feel.

forgive yourself.

forgive others.

for all the times that words were used to tear apart.

our own self-esteem.

or someone else’s.

they are still made in the image of our Creator, even if their actions, or sometimes our own, do not always reflect that.

let’s commit to watching our choice of words; what we say to ourselves and others.

let’s take words seriously; they can change the course of our futures.

let’s also expand our vocabularies; which best comes through reading.


there are so many words that could be used to describe the beauty that surrounds us.

let’s choose to let our words focus on that.

we do perfectly fine with finding ways to label what we deem to be ugly.

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