checking in with yourself through journaling

I know I’ve talked about journaling several times now but it’s one of those things that has actually made a difference for me.

I started journaling in September of last year, coincidentally at a time that I needed it most.

People who are privy to the details of my personal life have commented on how I  have been able to express my emotions from such a calm + healthy place and I credit that in part to journaling. Also, because the way my faith is set up…

The first thing I do when journaling is check in with myself by asking one simple question. How do I feel in this moment? I don’t think about it too hard. I don’t try to formulate fancy words to describe my feelings. Sometimes I literally have just started with “today I feel like crap…”

But by doing this daily [well, honestly monday-friday because my weekend mornings are toddler takeover territory] I have been able to be self-aware about my current mental state. And subsequently able to make the changes to position myself in a better space.

When’s the last time you’ve checked in with yourself?

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