the end [or beginning]

the end of the year undoubtedly causes some reflection and also anticipation

we think of all of the things that have happened in this period of time that we’ve come to know of as a year

the good moments, the bad

the goals we succeeded at and missed

and yet there is always great hope for the year to follow

we proclaim that “this is our year”

let’s make that more than a statement

let 2019 actually be [the] year

the year we above all else take care of us

i have done a great deal of self-work the last quarter of this year

i’ve dug deep and soul-searched

i came to

i realized

i poured out

and learned how to fill myself back up

and that’s what life is about

taking control of you- being the one to fill yourself up- not waiting for another to make those empty places whole

being complete takes time

takes the pulling apart of pain

takes the soothing of healing balm

takes the medicine of laughter

takes the piecing back together

let this next year be the year you figure you out

that you accept your complexity

that you can sometimes take the shape of the wind

and other times be as consistent as a river, carrying on to unknown destinations

let one thing be sure

that no matter what, whichever path you travel next year

you will be okay

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