drawing strength from the past

Our past often gets a bad rep. I mean, I get it. If you were anything like me, sometimes thoughts of the past are quickly met with a sigh of relief for how far you’ve come. But when it comes to present challenges I have found that the best encouragement can come from reflection. Taking a look back over just how much you have [over]come.

Most of our anxiety or other negative feelings that can consume us come from fear. Fear can be crippling. It can drain hope. It steals from us truly experiencing the beauty of our present life. But when fear is overcome it no longer has any power over us. We give it power when we allow it to change our focus from now to what [could] be. Often times our fear never comes true but we allowed it to control us for so long that we don’t know how to relinquish its power over us.

When I find myself engulfed in fear the image I see is my feet stuck in quicksand with something invisible chasing me. If I panic, I sink quicker. If I remain calm, I can see my way out of this. What really helps me though, is remembering the last time I was soo afraid and that thing never happened. I “remember-the-time” myself into a clearer way of approaching this thing or this situation that has gotten me stuck here. Each time I find that I was perfectly fine [sometimes better] after that experience, and I will be after this one too.

You will, also.

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