never say never

There are several times in life I can remember saying “I would never…” or “I can’t imagine ever…” and ending that sentence with a variety of different things that at the time I could honestly not imagine doing or situations I never thought I’d find myself in.

The funny thing about life is that it proves us wrong time and time again. Now, sometimes that can be a great thing. For years I said I’d never move back to the DMV and I’d never work for the federal government like my mom and dad but now I’m glad that I was wrong because I feel so blessed to have the opportunity that I’ve received.

But there are other times where those words may come back to haunt you. And this is for those of us, no matter what the situation may be, that are finding ourselves in hard places. There’s hope here.

I encourage you to seek out those moments that will give you hope and keep you pressing forward in the midst of the unknown space you’ve entered. For me that looks like reflection + gratitude journaling. If I can find at least three good things that happened throughout my day the next day doesn’t seem so daunting. Because I know there will be hope there too.

So to you, my friend, remember that as life unravels it reveals more and more of your purpose. Nothings wasted. It is all for the good.

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