hello again, old friend.

I read a blog post today that really inspired me because it was so relatable to me as a blogger. I have been blogging since 2013 with breaks or periods of silence in between. I often feel like what’s the point of doing this? Why should I be concerned if I ever post another blog again! And then I remember why I started. As an outlet for myself. When I discovered that I liked to write I discovered who I was. I never even knew writing was a gift of mine. It just started. I was surprised when people read my words. Touched when they said something resonated with them. So here I am, and I here I will remain.

Sharing your truth isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s so easy to shy away from writing, especially when you are going through stagnancy in life or a less than favorable season. But there is something so healing and freeing about writing through. I have been doing this in my personal life by journaling. In the morning, I take out my notebook and spend about 5-10 minutes journaling using a template I created. And in the evenings I do a quick gratitude journal that just involves reflecting on my day and listing the good things [which are often hidden in all the daily bustle].

Today, I have decided to get back to sharing publicly. Whatever’s on my heart. Whenever. No matter how short…or long. No matter if there is no one who will read my words. This is for me.

1 thought on “hello again, old friend.”

  1. Honestly, these are my exact feelings. Journaling is such a great outlet and easier to commit to without the added vulnerability of blogging. But! Sharing thoughts makes me feel incredibly powerful. Keep on going. You’ve got a story to tell.


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