embrace your own journey

Friends, I just want to pass a long a little encouragement that is much needed in this age where we seek validation like it’s our next breath.

Embrace. Your. Own. Journey.

I do understand how real you may feel the pressure is to achieve whatever thing you equate with happiness.

For some its marriage, others a baby, a house, a large following on social media…

You look at “everyone” [because lets be real, our sphere on social media is limited] and they seem to have it all.

You admire the relationship but don’t know the work it took to get and remain in it.

You envy the pregnancy and even the kids but didn’t see the loss.

You want the house but don’t want to sacrifice the vacations passed up to get it.

We have to condition our minds to ignore the thoughts that come up and tell us that we are lacking.

We are n o t lacking.

We have clothes. We have food. We have shelter.

Our needs are met.

Remind yourself of that!

As far as happiness, let me assure that none of those things will ultimately bring you joy or make you feel complete.

Unwavering joy can only come from a place within you.

You either have it or you don’t and you will fall apart when you get the marriage, or baby, or house, or car, etc. and find out that you are still unhappy with yourself.

Do the work to heal.

Do the work to learn contentment.

Take care of you.

Be thankful for the ups and downs of your journey.

Cultivate your journey.

Nourish your journey.

It is yours.

And there will be no one else’s that looks quite like it.

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