three surprises I’ve faced in motherhood

This morning I was thinking about how I prepped and prepared for motherhood by taking classes and reading books.

I researched.

I prayed.

I had my own ideas about the kind of mother I would be.

& then BOOM, had Maddie. [haha]

A lot of things I have experienced in the last year I definitely feel went smoother because I was well-prepared. But there were a few things that I didn’t see coming …


You always hear that new parents are sleep-deprived. I knew what I was getting into and fully expected not to have any sleep for a while. But what I didn’t expect was WHERE Maddie would sleep. Let me be honest for a moment. Before I actually had Maddie I knew I wanted her to sleep in our room for a year, but preferably in the nice bassinet that I bought her. I researched the best places for baby to sleep and settled on this cool fisher price bassinet. Then I bought her home and she hated it. Well quite frankly, she hated every sleep contraption I bought for her to sleep in. she did like sleeping in the swing but I couldn’t let her sleep in the swing all the time. And the only other place she wanted to sleep was on my chest. When she got a little older I was like ok she cant sleep on my chest forever and thus began our bed sharing. It was so much easier since she was [and still is] nursing at night.

So I will be the first to say, dont say what you “won’t do” in parenthood. Because that will be the thing you change. I was always very adamant that I did not want our child in the same bed as us for safety reasons. But the more I researched, the more I learned about safe bed sharing options and decided that it would work best for our family to at least get some sleep during the night.

For now, she is still in our bed. I have tried to transition her out to no avail. One day at a time my friends!


I purchased a fancy baby food cooker that steams and purees in less than 15 minutes.

I’ve used it twice.

I was so excited to make my own baby food when Maddie was 6 months but never ever imagined that she would HATE it. The girl strongly opposed any pureed baby food.

It stressed me out for like two months and then I was finally like forget it!

Thankfully, at 9 months she started getting interested in what I was eating and she has been eating table food ever since.

So don’t stress yourself out over baby-led weaning vs purees, or if your child isn’t showing interest in solids when you thought they would. Follow their lead. They will let you know when they are ready for more!


My husband and I have no allergies. So to find out that our daughter does has been a huge shock. In November, we found out that we was allergic to Egg and Dairy. We expected a sensitivity to those things because of her diaper output and eczema but it wasn’t until she had a reaction that we had it confirmed by an allergy test. She got hives at daycare from contact with a cup that had dairy on it. That was the first time we were given an epi pen for her. But we were assured its no big deal and very common. 80-90% of kids outgrow those allergies.

Fast forward to January, she has hives once again after eating peanut butter [which she had had before] on a rice cake. Back to the allergist where it was confirmed that she was in fact severely allergic to peanuts with anaphylaxis highly possible. Now epi pens are even more important to have on us at all times. I thank God that she did not have such a serious reaction when she was exposed previously.

Now we are a peanut free home and her daycare is also super amazing about making sure there are no peanuts allowed. I have researched what this means for us as a family going forward and to be honest at times I am scared! Its terrifying to think that something so serious could happen to your child. And for whatever reason, people love to give babies stuff so I always have to be on alert to make sure she is safe.

I am so glad that places are increasingly aware of the need to be careful about food allergies! There are a lot of safe options for eating out!

I am praying that she is over dairy and egg at her next test, that will make things a ton easier.

Has there been anything that you have been surprised about in parenthood?


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