keep doing your thing

May of this year will make 5 years since I began writing!

My first blog was [it still exists and I sometimes go back and read some of my old posts].  For a second, my blog was, and then more recently, and finally [maybe]

Sometimes I ask myself whether or not it was a good idea to have switched my blog name so many times but honestly, it is all a part of the story of my life being unraveled. I grow and former layers that I can no longer connect to are left behind. And so I do what feels right which usually involves a re-introduction of myself as a writer via my blog.

I write because I feel as though my soul was created to do so. It feels natural to me. It feels good.

I will keep writing even if a single person will never read my words.

So you…you keep doing your thing even if no one’s watching!

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