holy grail of baby products

I have heard the term “holy grail” used for the best of the best hair products after being engulfed in the natural hair world over the last 8 years. But as a new mom, I have finally found baby products for Maddie that I would consider as such. Now I am not much of a “product reviewer” but my sister said I shouldn’t let that stop me from sharing my love and passion for great natural products! So here we go!

Body: for her body products we use all things Tubby Todd. I first learned of this company on a few of those “mom groups” on facebook after being desperately in search of something to help with Maddie’s eczema. 80% of the moms were raving about something called “All over ointment” and I decided to give it a try because the store bought things I tried were not working at all. I found the companies Instagram page and instantly loved them for providing safe and effective products for children with natural ingredients.

I purchased my first jar of AOO (all over ointment) and her dry patches cleared up in a couple days. I was amazed! We currently use their bubble bath, body and hair wash, conditioner, every day lotion, and absolutely cannot go without the AAO.

If you are skeptical about their prices, let me tell you, it’s worth it! A couple of months ago we ran out and I decided to try other things and within a few weeks all of her rough skin returned. I purchased the 3-pack travel tubes and within a couple days of using it she was back to being baby-smooth all over again!

Now obviously, this is not a paid ad because I have no big following backing me up. I am just a mom who wants to save other moms the effort of trying a thousand things!

And if you are still skeptical, my daughter’s daycare provider who has become a dear friend is a 4th time mom and was dealing with rough patches on her son’s skin so I recommended it and she was amazed as well! I couldn’t believe that I had recommended something that she had never heard of because lets be real, after 4 kids she has heard of almost everything and I constantly go to her for advice for all things baby!

So there ya go! Try it mamas!

Hair: everyone is always commenting on how beautiful Maddie’s hair is. I have to take credit for her gorgeous sandy brown hair color because I had the same when I was little. But her curls I credit to Mielle Organics Tiny Tots line! They have a leave-in conditioner and curl cream that smell amazing and that’s all I use on Maddie’s hair! Every morning I spray a little of the leave-in and rake my fingers through her hair to get out all the tangles that she has accumulated from her wild baby sleep and then I follow up by using the same raking motion to distribute the curl cream for moisture.

That’s it!  Takes me about 5 minutes [if that] and I have noticed growth in her hair since I have been using it.

Well there you go! That’s it! Babies don’t really require much!

If you are interested any other natural baby products or products I use on myself let me know in the comments !

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